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On the occasion of the bicentenary of the settlement of the Conti family in Castrignano and the beginning of the independent entrepreneurial activity, Michela, Francesca and Daniela Conti proposed a celebratory logo, in honor of their parents, grandparents and great- grandparents.

The event wants to celebrate the saga of the family, the connections with the history, the bond with the land, traditions, cuisine, the values of unity, sacrifice and dedication, passion for a product that, during centuries, has been perfected.

This, thanks to people who want to make it better. It’s the story of common and genuine people, like many others in Italy. Italy was made by the will and passion of the determined population not only by Popes and politicians. It is made up of the union of many small families.

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Il Patto Sociale

CONTI: Parma ham DOP

An excellence in Langhirano…

“In these days the Conti family was affected by the loss of Afro Conti. Yesterday, while I was paying him my last respects, I remembered the first time I met him in 1999. From that moment, his simplicity, humility and generosity guided me and taught me everything about the production of Parma ham. A life coach. Every time I met him, he welcomed me with a smile.

I will never forget his teaching, that will be a guide the rest of my life. Thanks Afro”.

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Solar Power

Environmental conservation has been one of our priorities. We have always found a particular technology to optimize energy consumption. An example is a heat recovery system: water used in the refrigeration is reused in the hot-water heating system.

This method has reduced the use of hot water in the heating boilers. But the photovoltaic system, which was installed in June 2012, produces energy from a renewable source.

This clean energy represents largely the energy requirements of the firm. This company has a reduced environmental impact, thanks to low emissions of carbon dioxide. So the firm is in the area that is protected by Monti Sporno and Bosso and it is well integrated in a territory based on agriculture and flora.

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Italian Food Lovers

The hills of Parma: history and flavours.

“.. and lay in cold cuts at Prosciuttificio Conti in Valle Langhirano”

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Photographic service- Stop

The weekly publication “Stop” has chosen Prosciuttificio Conti for the section about Parma ham.

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