On the hills of Parma there is the perfect microclimate for the production of the Parma ham, which is aged naturally. In particular, near Langhirano there is a virtual canal, which connects the Tyrrhenian, until the Po valley.

For our particular position, which is at an altitude of 550 meters, we are privileged: our factory is far from the main roads with not too much traffic, so the air is healthy and pure. For this reason also nowadays, we can repeat an ancient ritual: during the sunny days, when the air is cool and dry, the high and narrow windows are open.

The air enters, caress each ham, hung on the wooden frames.

During the summer, windows are open during the night, when the heat is replaced by the dry breeze. During the autumn, winter and spring, instead, they are open during sunny days when the air is pure and clear.

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Located in the beautiful hills of Parma

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