Salumificio Conti, on the Parma hills, opens the doors to Prosciutto di Parma lovers and to people who want to learn the secrets around the processes involved in the making of Prosciutto di Parma and other cured meats.

With a guided tour you will see the working rooms from the salting refrigerated rooms to the heart of the company: the cellars, where inside the cave, you will be surrounded by thousands perfumes.

At the end of the visit you will have a tasting with the mix of our selected products: Prosciutto di Parma 24 months, Dolce Culatta, Fiocco di prosciutto. You will have also bread sticks, wine and water.

Total timing (visit + tasting) 1.15 h (max.)

The tours will be led every day, Saturday and Sunday too.

Choose the date and book your visit!

We kindly ask you to come few minutes before the time of the visit. At every tour, with you, there could be other people. If you will be late, you will join the group, but maybe you won’t see all from the beginning.

To attend the tours it is necessary to book in advance (there is a maximum number per group) phoning to +39 0521 357020, e-maililing to or clicking on BUY NOW.

The tours are in Italian and English language.

It is possible to plan, private tours, tours for more than 15 people, different times or days, phoning to +39 0521 357020 or +39 0521 863675 or e-mailing to

Children: we will be happy to show the kids our dairy. We remind that the prosciutto factory is a working place, so please keep the children calm and close to you.

Animals: you can’t keep any kind of animal inside the factory.

Extra: we suggest you to wear comfortable shoes. The entry will be assured to disabled people. In the factory it is not allowed to smoke, drink or eat.

Write for more informations and we will answer as soon as possible

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